Making Your Own Custom Implant Bar in Under 20 Minutes

This is a technique I’ve been loving ever since I first learned about it from  prosthodontist Lambert Stumpel …………. since we know that absolute passivity with a bar is impossible, it makes a ton of sense to build a spacer into the system and pick up the bar in the mouth to get true absolute passivity.   I’ve fabricated fixed hybrid denture frames this way in the past but it was a lot of lab work.  So, I’ve been working to digitize the process so that dentists can and will actually do it.

Very soon, BSB will release software that automates all of this but until then, here’s how I made an implant bar in Meshmixer, a totally free software. This bar is made with .3 mm of “slop space” around the multi-unit abutment cylinders so it can be picked up in the mouth and I’ve also subtracted out 4 holes measuring 1.8 mm in diameter which can be tapped for inserting locator bar females.

Once designed, the STL file is either milled ($$$) or 3D printed in castable resin which can be invested and cast by any lab in chrome cobalt for very little money.  The bar would be picked up using a strong resin cement such as Panavia.

These ribbed multi unit abutment copings are available from Blue Sky Bio.   

There are also spacer sleeves and waxing sleeves available to go on the copings if you want to do it the old school way.


Multi unit abutments placed

Multi unit copings placed onto multi unit abutments

Powder was sprayed on the shiny cylinders for scanning with the Shining 3d DS-EX scanner

Here is the resulting printed “bar” 

This was just done for demonstration purposes but if you were really having it cast, it could be printed in castable resin like this

Or, you could just send the file to a lab capable of milling titanium with a 5 axis mill.  I sent this to Burbank Dental Lab and they milled this for me at a drastically lower cost than a traditional milled bar.  It turned out awesome!

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