Turning a Beauty Center into a Dental Training Center

In May of 2017, I purchased a building just off of the town square in Winchester that had previously served as a beauty shop. It had been vacant for over 7 years and was very run down but I loved the location and I got a great deal on it. I bought it because I needed a place outside of the house to work. I had started to work full time for Blue Sky Bio and I was finding it impossible to get things done at home. Not to mention, my ever expanding collection of dental technology toys was taking over every square inch of our home.  Thus, the training center was born.

Initially my vision was just to use it as a personal office. As we got into the project though, I found I had enough room to actually give courses there too. I had been traveling all over the world and had grown tired of the hotels, the crazy venue costs, and the long hours in the car/airplane so it made a ton of sense to at least try and get people to come to me for courses rather than me going to them. So, I began planning to outfit the space to accomodate dental courses as well.

Since this was going to be where I’d spend most of my working hours going forward, I really wanted it to be a space that I’d enjoy spending time in. I wanted a fenced in backyard for bringing my dog to work. I wanted a full kitchen so I could cook a decent breakfast and lunch without having to leave. I wanted a full bath for showering after working out and in case I ever rented it as an apartment in the future. Finally, I wanted to have a nice place to workout since exercising throughout the day really helped keep my back problems at bay.

In the end I was really happy with the outcome and I now have a place I love to work in. It’s part man-cave and part mad scientists laboratory with a touch of rustic redneck. I did a lot of videos and pics throughout the process. I hope you enjoy!

Initial appearance of the exterior


Drop Ceiling removal

Removing layers of the walls


My girls pouring the concrete pad for the back patio and putting in thier handprints

My stand up desk made out of steel piping and reclaimed oak from the old flat roof

New windows installed

Built new awnings over the windows


Bathroom vanity made from reclaimed wood as well

My completed work area.  I generally stand all day to work to keep me from hunching over.

Here’s how it looks when it’s set up for a course

  Here’s how Maggie spends most of her day at work with me……  chewing up things she shouldn’t and then sleeping.

My set up for photographing projects I’m working on


If you are really bored, here’s some chronological videos of the progress.

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