Upcoming Courses

My courses are held at our 280 acre family farm at the foot of the mountain in beautiful Sewanee, TN.  The farm offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, wildlife, and waterfalls- this is definitely not your stereotypical CE venue!

There is always plenty of after the courses too!  Whether it’s dinner on the lake after the course or, hanging around the campfire outside, there is always plenty of opportunity to hang out and pick the brains of the instructors and colleagues outside of the classroom setting.

I just got back from the Comprehensive Guided Course on Sunday and placed my first 2 guided implants. WOW! I had been placing for 13 years and this was a complete game changer for me. The case was 2 upper bicuspids with a significant skeletal cross bite. They dropped in better than I could have imagined. Cory helped familiarize me with the software and I designed my wax up, placement stent and printed it at the course. I know that is not part of the course but an example of how Cory went above and beyond to make everyone’s experience exceptional. The sponsor/vendor support at the course was so helpful-not once trying to ‘sell’ something but to support our learning at every step. […] I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The CE, the fun, the cookout and camaraderie will have me coming back and recommending this course strongly to whoever will listen! Thank you Cory and thank you everyone!                                            Michael Melkers   







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